Daimler Buses takes stock of the new electric eCitaro with the Mercedes-Benz brand. The vehicle has been operating in Hamburg and Heidelberg for a few weeks. Other units will peek out in Germany in the coming weeks and new orders have come from neighboring European countries. Meanwhile, production is now at a serial level atthe Mannheim plant that proceeds with deliveries.
Several eCitaro buses will then stop off in Luxembourg, France and Poland. Once there, they will be tested in local services to convince the local public transport managers of their quality and suitability for everyday use. The eCitaros available for testing in European cities are fitted with ten battery packs with a total capacity of 243 kWh, as well as electric motors mounted close to the wheel hubs.
Daimler Buses supports operators who choose the electric Citaro with eMobility Consulting and Omniplus offering advice, services and training to companies.