ABB will supply high-power electric chargers for 30 fully electric buses in Gothenburg, Sweden. The chargers will be delivered during summer 2019, with operations due to start in October. 

The electrification of bus routes in Gothenburg regards line 60, one of the busiest bus lines in the Swedish town, together with lines 59 and 62. During 2018, almost 6.9 million trips were made on line 60 and approximately 780, 000 trips on lines 59 and 62.

The buses on line 60 will be charged by 300kW High Power chargers from ABB, a modular solution based on OppCharge, an open interface for direct current (DC) electric bus charging, which offers high-power charging via an automated rooftop connection.

The buses will be recharged in just three to six minutes in the depot and fast charged at the endpoints of the line.