The Italian transport company TIEMME has acquired four intercity vehicles produced by the Spanish company Indcar. They are Mobi in a length 0f 8.5 m and has been supplied by the local distributor Maresca & Fiorentino. The vehicles are equipped with WiFi, a single front and rear door and a wheelchair seat in the rear passenger compartment with a manual ramp.

On board there is room for 33 passengers, of which 26 + 2 seated and 5 standing. Thanks to the AVM system, the buses can be geolocalized and they can announce the next bus stop.

Operating since 2010, TIEMME Spa manages local public transport in the provinces of Arezzo, Grosseto and Siena and in the district of Piombino. The bus fleet counts more than 700 vehicles.

Indcar Mobi x Tiemme