The manufacturer from Södertälje has developed a coach for the Swedish cross-country national team. Equipped with a waxing trailer, the vehicle has various ergonomic and technological solutions, such as solar panels to power LED lighting and other devices (they will produce 1,000 kWh per year) and the infrared heating system which, compared to traditional convection heaters, reduce energy requirements by 60%. Infrared heaters keep passengers warm while also heating fabrics for greater comfort in areas reserved for medical treatments and massages. Fans have also been installed to dry wet clothing. On the bus, which accommodates 12 to 14 people, it is also possible to prepare meals or work.

«Once again in Scania we have created an innovative solution with ergonomics and sustainability as key features, which will facilitate the lives of Swedish cross-country skiers. I hope this bus will be a real boost for the team this season, “says Erik Ljungberg, Scania senior vice president and communications, marketing and brand manager.

The cross country team manager Lars Selin adds: “The occasional adverse weather conditions can drain energy from the athletes. From that point of view, the bus is invaluable and offers us a considerable advantage over our competitors”.

Scania SKI Team Sweden 2019