The Polish manufacturer has signed the first contract in Hungary for electric buses. They are 10 Solaris Urbino Electric buses (six 12-meters and four 8.9 meter long). The contract also includes five stationary chargers. Deliveries are scheduled within 11 months from the  signing of the contract.

The vehicles  will be fitted with a modern air conditioning system with a roof heating function, USB ports in the passengers compartment, a passenger information system with directional boards and internal LED displays, a video monitoring system, fire detection and extinguishing system. The driver’s cabin is a closed type.

Both the models will be powered by 160-kW central engine and fitted with Solaris High Energy batteries with a total capacity of 250 kWh on the 12-m version and 200 for the smaller one. 

To date, the Polish manufacturer has already delivered almost 150 vehicles to the Republic of Hungary, including nearly 100 trolleybuses. Most of them went to the capital of the country, Budapest.

Solaris Urbino LE electric x Hungary 2019