The Polish manufacturer has won a tender in Romania for the supply of 11 Solaris Urbino 12 hybrid buses to the city of Satu Mare. The vehicles will be delivered  in the second half of 2020. Following the framework agreement, four more Urbino 12 hybrids and two articulated ones may be added in the future.

The twelve-meter buses will be fitted with a serial hybrid drive consisting of an electric motor of 120 kW and a diesel engine of 151 kW. They will also feature supercapacitors that make it possible to store and then use recuperated energy.

The buses will be equipped with a Stop & Go feature that controls the diesel engine operation: it turns off the engine when the bus halts at bus stops, and it turns it on again once the vehicle sets off. “It allows for a considerable reduction of emissions and of fuel consumption compared to vehicles with a conventional drive”, points out the manufacturer.

The passenger capacity of the Solaris Urbino 12 hybrids is up to 96 persons with seats available to 31 of them. The buses will be fitted with air conditioning, video surveillance and a passenger counting system.

Solaris Bus & Coach has supplied nearly 250 buses and trolleybuses to Romanian cities, including over 40 buses with electric drives to Cluj-Napoca.

Solaris hybrids for Romania 2019