The new E-way by Iveco Bus debuted on the Recco-Genoa line, the first line served by a full electric bus outside the urban area of ​​Genoa. The event was already been announced on November 25th during a conference at SmartWeek Genova 2019. “We are in the presence of a real innovation in the LPT world”, underlined Carlo Malerba, vice president and managing director of ATP Esercizio, «both because the bus will operate on the longest line in Italy served with a full electric vehicle (about 19 km) and because it is the result of an agreement between Iveco Bus and ATP Esercizio according to which ATP will use the bus in usufruct according to a ‘pay per use’ formula, made to date unprecedented in the world of LPT in Italy and consistent with the most recent theories of performance economy “.
The event is a first step in the partnership agreement signed last May 30 between ATP Esercizio and Iveco, with the collaboration of ALTRA (an Iveco company specializing in alternative-drive vehicles) and the Iveco Orecchia dealer.
To explain the meaning of the operation is the number one of Iveco Bus for Southern Europe, Giorgio Zino: “The 12-meters-100% electric bus, which is now in service, is the first of the new Iveco Bus E-Way series to circulate in Italy and represents the latest technological evolution of electromobility with zero emissions. For a leading manufacturer, innovation means not only technology, but also the ability to offer and define, together with operators, innovative solutions such as ‘pay per use’, the innovative business model that will be applied with ATP Esercizio and which today is the first case in Italy of dematerialization of the product in favour of a new way of interpreting the bus as a service “.

The introduction of an electric minibus will also follow between Recco and Camogli, scheduled for the 2020 Easter week. “We are working to make the gulf become a ‘paradise of electricity and the environment’,” says Claudio Garbarino, Transport managing director for the Metropolitan City.

The Iveco E-Way is a 12-meter pure electric bus powered by a 120/195-KW engine and 360-KWh lithium ion NMC batteries divided into 8 packs (six on the roof and two on the tailgate). The minimum autonomy declared by the manufacturer is 240 kilometers which would become 350 in optimal conditions. Top-up in six hours for a job that covers the entire working day. It should be noted that the Iveco E-Way bus recently reached the range record of 527 kilometers on a single charge on the Iveco Magirus test circuit in Ulm, Germany.

The E-Way chosen by ATP Esercizio can transport 82 people (22 seated and 60 standing) and is equipped with the new telematic interface that allows remote monitoring of vehicle data in real time.

IVECO S-Way a Gennova 2019