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Solaris Trollino 18 x Bergen 2019
Solaris trolleybuses for Bergen, Norway

In the city on the UNESCO World heritage list, will arrive next year ten Solaris Trollino 18 articulated trolleybuses. Deliveries will...

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Primo MAN Lion’s City EfficientHybrid in Italia

La compagnia di trasporto pubblico marchigiano START ha preso in consegna il primo MAN Lion’s City EfficientHybrid per il mercato...

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BYD's record order in Europe with 295 eBuses x Keolis Netherland 2019
BYD’s record order in Europe

The Chinese manufacturer has secured the largest ever single order for electric buses in Europe. The 295 BYD eBuses have...

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marinoiltrenino a Grosseto 2019.
TIEMME rilancia Marino il Trenino

Torna a Grosseto "Marino il Trenino", servizio di trasporto turistico proposto in occasione del periodo natalizio dalla compagnia di trasporto...

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Setra in Sicilia 2019
Setra S 415 UL Business oltre lo Stretto

Nuovi autobus Setra in servizio in Sicilia da questo autunno. Sono dei Setra S 415 UL Business destinati al trasporto...

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Scania Climate Day Italia 2019
Scania Climate Day anche in Italia

Le 18 concessionarie e oltre 100 officine Scania sul territorio italiano (2 mila persone) hanno partecipato allo Scania Climate Day, giornata...

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Mercedes Citaro: 55.555 unità vendute 2019 2019
The 55,555th Mercedes Citaro sold

The low-floor Mercedes-Benz Citaro model series has reached the 55,555th unit sold. The milestone bus is a full electric eCitaro...

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IVECO S-Way a Gennova 2019
The Iveco E-Way bus debuted in Italy

The new E-way by Iveco Bus debuted on the Recco-Genoa line, the first line served by a full electric bus outside...

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Solaris Urbino Electric a Poznan 2019
Solaris Urbino Electric in Poznan, Poland

MPK Poznań put on service its first Solaris Urbino electric bus. The vehicle is part of a batch of 21 Solaris ebuses (15...

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CaetanoBus-RATP agreement 2019
CaetanoBus-RATP agreement

On November 25, the Portuguese bus manufacturer and the public transport company of Paris signed a cooperation agreement at RATP’s...

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Conferenza ZEB a Parigi, aprile 2020
3rd European ZEB conference in Paris

Solutions and challenges of decarbonising the bus industry. This is the focus of the 3rd edition of the European Zero...

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Grosso ordine Daimler a Montevideo 2019
Large order for Daimler Buses in Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay. The local public transport company C.U.T.C.S.A. (Compañía Uruguaya de Transporte Colectivo S.A.) has placed an order for 147 city...

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