First order of SWB Bonn for the buses manufactured by the Polish producer. The vehicles are three articulated vehicles from the Solaris Urbino Electric range. The ebuses will be on the streets in 2020 and will be fueled only by green energy. 

A key condition of the operator was that the producer ensures a range of 200 km for the buses on a single charge, regardless of weather and road conditions, over a period of 12 years. “In order to meet those terms”, explains the manufacturer, “Solaris went for the latest High Energy+ battery generation. The buses for Bonn will feature 7 packs of batteries with 553 kWh of total nominal capacity. With such a capacity, the vehicle will be able to cover the required 200 kilometres irrespective of weather or road conditions, with the heating or the air-conditioning switched on and with a full set of passengers on board. “

The driveline of the Urbino 18 electric will consist of an electric axle with two integrated motors boasting a power of 125 kW each. The fully emission-free vehicles will be purely electrically heated, whereas the temperature comfort in the buses will be ensured by an efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning with a heat pump which uses heat from outside to reach an adequate temperature within the vehicle.

SWB has opted for modern driver assistance systems such as the System MobilEye Shield+. With this device the cameras placed outside of the bus allow to detect pedestrians and cyclists in the blind spot of the vehicle. In addition, one of the buses will feature cameras instead of side mirrors. For SWB’s needs, Solaris has designed a new seat layout for a capacity of 44 seated passengers. 

“The German market of electric buses is expanding dynamically”, says Solaris Bus & Coach, “while the battery Urbinos have run on German streets since 2013. Solaris has already supplied 60 electric buses to Germany, and only in 2019 the German operators commissioned more than 120 ebuses to the Polish manufacturer.

Solaris Urbino 18 Electric x Bonn 2020