The ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft company, which operates the local public transport in Wiesbaden, Germany, has an ambitious plan: to switch a fifth of its bus fleet to fully electric vehicles within just one year.

For this reason the German operator has placed an order for 56 electric buses choosing the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro. As a provider of comprehensive electromobility solutions, Mercedes‑Benz will supply the complete system including the construction measures for the infrastructure, a first in Germany, and will take care of the charging management process. 

The first 15 eCitaros for Wiesbaden will be equipped with NMC batteries (lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide cells). Each bus is equipped with twelve battery packs with a total capacity of 292 kWh. The remaining 41 eCitaros will be equipped with solid-state batteries. This type batteries have a very high energy density. In this case, seven battery packs are sufficient in order to provide a huge battery capacity of 441 kWh. All 56 buses are charged by plug in the depot.

“Even in winter when faced with the difficult demands of using all-electric heating”, states the manufacturer, “the eCitaro can still cover more than 200 km according to the SORT 2 testing method. All 56 buses are charged by plug in the depot.

The first ten eCitaro buses from the order will be delivered this year while the remaining buses the next year.

ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft manages 41 bus lines with a fleet of 271 buses that transport nearly 60 million passengers a year. The majority of the vehicles in the fleet are Mercedes-Benz Citaro.