A multimedia journey experience on board the FLiP2Go coach. It’s the very special Neoplan Skyliner transformed into a learning facility on wheels by the MAN bus modification experts at the Plauen plant. The aim is to provide a fun approach to helping children and young adults throughout Austria learn about financial matters using interactive, multi-media consoles.

Dark colours combined with a sophisticated lighting concept provide the interior of the Neoplan Skyliner with a futuristic look. The vehicle is fitted with seven interactive multimedia game consoles. The “World Trip” station, for example, is a virtual voyage, enabling players to see what effects their consumer decisions can have in a globalised world. And the “Job-O-Mat” shows the connection between training and earnings opportunities. The separate gaming cabins on the upper and lower decks are equipped with high-performing gaming PCs. Children and young people can play and solve various tasks on the multi-touch displays with 4K resolution that are embedded in stainless steel tables. High-quality hi-fi equipment ensures the right sound. 

In addition to the gaming cabins, the lower deck of the premium coach also features a gaming station, which is accessible for wheelchair users, a coat rack and a check-in counter encased in safety glass. Up to 32 players can simultaneously complete the 100-minute game round on two levels of the Neoplan Skyliner.

Game design, software and the interior design plans come from the Stuttgart-based Jangled Nerves agency. These were then implemented by the MAN experts for customised options in Plauen. 

Neoplan Skyliner Flip2Go- interior 1
EOPLAN_Skyliner_Flip2Go 19-03
Neoplan Skyliner Flip2Go