Large order for MAN buses in Barcelona. The TMB transport company awarded MAN Truck & Bus with a total of 105 Lion’s City buses for deliveries by the end of the year. The order includes 49 MAN Lion’s City (A21) CNG buses of 12 meters and 26 articulated (A23) of 18 meters, also powered by natural gas. In addition, another 30 12-meter hybrids will be delivered: the first of the new generation of urban Lion’s City with MAN EfficientHybrid module in Spain.

Once the 105 buses have been delivered, over 50% of the TMB fleet (about 1,140 buses) will be represented by MAN vehicles. Approximately 350 hybrid buses are already in the TMB fleet. Additional hybrids as well as resource-sparing scheduled-service buses with natural gas drive are to join the fleet in the future.

MAN Lions City x Barcellona 2019