Van Hool has developed a funeral equipment on an EX11L coach for the Dutch carrier Koninklijke Beuk. The vehicle allows the transport of the deceased in the coffin, placed in the passenger compartment in a special bay, as well as 26 people who are seated on various armchairs with tables and on a circular back sofa. The windows are darkened for passenger privacy. “On board it is possible to show photos and videos on three screens and listen to music appropriate to the atmosphere,” explains the coach operator. “There is also the possibility of a route along a series of relevant places in the life of the deceased”.

The bus for the funeral has various technical solutions such as the long and reinforced lift, a wider central door and a safe fixing system for the coffin. Drivers are specially trained to carry out this type of transport in an appropriate manner. “The technology on board requires specific knowledge,” says Monique Beuk, director of Koninklijke Beuk, “and for the transport of a deceased a respectful driving style, a certain label and participation in the particular moment are needed. There is no second possibility: the level is higher than normal. Our drivers believe it is an honor to be able to contribute to a person’s last journey “.

The Van Hool EX11 coach, recently introduced on the market, is available in two versions with an external height of 3.5 and 3.8 meters and, depending on the version, it accommodates up to 47 passengers. The luggage compartments have a maximum volume of 4.14 m³ (EX11 L) and 7.20 m³ (EX11 H) respectively.

Van Hool EX11L for funeral 1
Van Hool EX11L for funeral