The Dutch bodybuilder Tribus is developing a new low floor minibus. It’s the Civitas Economy model based on a Volkswagen Crafter L4. The vehicle has an easy access for people with reduced mobility thanks to the fully integrated TriflexAIR flooring system, a patented solution that features a mechanical and integrated wheelchair restraint system, wide metro doors and a folding ramp. The vehicle is also fitted with comfortable TriflexAIR seats with integrated three-point belts.

Civitas Economy is a M1 minibus which can be driven with a driver’s licence B. It is 6,84m long and 2,04m wide. “The Volkswagen Crafter is an ideal base vehicle because its features front wheel drive, automatic gearbox and is lightweight. Its Euro 6 diesel engine has one of the lowest emissions in its class”, points out Tribus.

The first 26 vehicles are already sold to Q-Buzz and expect to drive in The Netherlands at the end of 2019. 

Tribus will launch the first driving demo model at Busworld Europe  2019 (Brussels, October 18-23).


Tribus Civitas Economy 2019