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Brand: Setra


Part of Daimler AG, Evobus is one of the protagonists of bus & coach compartement. The company was founded in 1995 with the unbundling of Mercedes-Benz bus segment and the acquisition of Setra. The goal was to create a productive and commercial synergy for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses while maintaining separate identities. They are two historical marks grouped under the Evobus umbrella: Mercedes made her first appearance in 1902 as an automobile brand of ‘Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft’ and became Mercedes-Benz following the merger of Daimler with Benz which came Daimler Benz AG in 1926. Setra has its roots in Kässbohrer, a company founded in 1893 at Ulm for the production of industrial vehicles. The name comes from the first Setra bus with rear engine and self supporting body designed by Otto Kässbohrer and inaugurated at the 1951 Motor Show. This opened the Kässbohrer-Setra era.

Coming to Evobus, in the initial period the company had three plants (Mannheim and Ulm/Neu Ulm in Germany plus Barros Ligny en France) and stored the first year with 9,340 employees and 5,648 units produced. In 1996 was inaugurated the Omniplus service and was started the first seven of the sixteen European subsidiaries. Meanwhile, the production network was expandend by annexing in 1998 the Sámano plant in Spain and in 1999 the Holýšov plant in the Czech Republic. In those years Evobus started cooperation with Karl Koch, manufacturer of minibuses. This laied the foundation for a segment that got its own life in 2000 following the creation of a center dedicated to the minibuses production. The year 2004 was a record one for Evobus reaching 8,600 units sold of complete vehicles and chassis, and a turnover reached 2.4 billion euros. That same year was inaugurated used vechicles center in Mannheim.

Today the production network of Evobus is displaced in five countries: the buses are manufactured and assembled in Germany (Mannheim, Neu-Ulm), France (Ligny en Barros) and Turkey in the Mercedes Benz Türk factory at Hoşdere. In Spain at Sámano are built chassis while body parts and components are produced in Czech Republic (Holýšov).

Setra buses are divided into three ranges (TopClass, ComfortClass and MultiClass).


EVOBUS AUSTRIA – E-mail: infoitalia@daimler.com

EVOBUS BELGIUM – E-mail: sc.brussel@daimler.com

EVOBUS BOHEMIA – E-mail: axel.stokinger@daimler.com

EVOBUS DENMARK – E-mail: martin.m.hink@daimler.com

EVOBUS FRANCE – E-mail: jean.averland@daimler.com

EVOBUS GREECE – E-mail: dimitris.d.zafiropoulos@daimler.com

EVOBUS HUNGARY – E-mail: axel.stokinger@daimler.com

EVOBUS IBERICA – E-mail: juan.maldonado@daimler.com

EVOBUS ITALY – E-mail: axel.stokinger@daimler.com

EVOBUS NETHERLAND – E-mail: hans.smits@daimler.com

EVOBUS POLAND – E-mail: Frank.Koschatzky@daimler.com

EVOBUS PORTUGAL – E-mail: juan.maldonado@daimler.com

EVOBUS ROMANIA – E-mail: alexander.s.shneider@daimler.com

EVOBUS RUSSIA – E-mail: pavel.kurkin@daimler.com

EVOBUS SWEDEN – E-mail: martin.m.hink@daimler.com

EVOBUS SWITZERLAND – E-mail: evobus.schweiz@evobus.com

EVOBUS UNITED KINGDOM – E-mail: reception.uk@evobus.com

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