The local public transport company of Madrid (EMT) wants to have changed its entire bus fleet to low-emission drives by the end of the year. The Mercedes Citaro NGT forms the basis of its environmentally friendly overall concept. In Madrid there are already several hundreds Mercedes-Citaro NGT buses. In 2016, EMT Madrid ordered a total of 82 Citaro NGT buses and Citaro G NGT articulated buses. The buses made a positive contribution and so the company decided to place several subsequent orders for more Citaro buses with a natural-gas drive. When the current order has been delivered, 672 Citaro buses with a gas drive will be on the road in Madrid.

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT is powered by the Mercedes-Benz M 936 G natural-gas engine with a displacement of 7.7 litres. The vertically-installed six-cylinder in‑line monovalent engine runs on compressed natural gas or biogas. With an output of 222 kW (302 hp), it achieves a maximum torque of 1200 Nm and undercuts the Euro VI emissions limits by a considerable margin. 

EMT operates Europe’s largest gas-driven bus depot. Buses are of great importance in the Spanish capital: EMT Madrid’s fleet comprises 2000 buses; the vehicles travel more than one million kilometres a year and transport 425 million passengers in a network of service routes covering around 3800 kilometres. Thanks to a network of different transport operators and an extremely regular bus schedule, local public transport in Madrid is very popular and demand is increasing. At the same time, the private transport traffic in the city centre has decreased perceptibly.

The Citaro NGT buses at EMT Madrid are also characterised by a special equipment with double USB sockets for passengers and a powerful air conditioning system to combat the climate conditions in Madrid with its very hot summers.

“Thanks to these positive characteristics and the comparatively favourable purchasing costs”, they say at Mercedes-Benz, “the transport operator considers gas-driven urban buses to be a drive concept with a long-term future, rather than a technology that simply bridges the way to electromobility. “

Mercedes Citaro NGT Madrid 2019-inteiors
Mercedes Citaro NGT Madrid 2019