The Turkish manufacturer has received orders from the Municipality of Galati, Romania, for 20 Jest+ minibuses. The first vehicle will be delivered in October  for a 2-week test drive while the remaining 19 are expected to be delivered by the middle of January 2020.

The diesel Jest+ minibuses for Romania will be powered by an Euro 6 engine and will be featured with a LED monitor, a 5-camera video monitoring and recording system, validator preparation and GPS fleet tracking system.

Karsan is a Turkish manufacturer with more than 50 years of history in the automotive sector. The company manufactures its own vehicles as well as parts for the world’s prominent brands in the commercial vehicles field. Karsan has been engaged in commercial vehicle production since 1981, and its factory in Hasanağa in Bursa “has the capacity to manufacture up to 18,200 vehicles a year on a single shift”, points out the manufacturer. “The Hasanağa factory is a flexible installation which can manufacture all kinds of vehicles in the same facilities from automobiles and trucks to minivans and buses. “

Karsan Jest+ for ROmania 2019 -1
Karsan Jest+ for Romania 2019