A central charging station for the fully-electric eCitaro has been equipped at the Daimler Buses’ plant in Mannheim. The infrastructure is also used to provide the eCitaro bus with electricity via a pantograph. The station serves to charge the eCitaro as part of the production process and ahead of delivery to customers. In addition, the new charging technologies such as charging management, new communications protocols, new hardware for charging using a cable or a roof-mounted pantograph can be tried and tested. The infrastructure is also expandable as required.

The  charging devices are suspended at a height of around five metres above the ground. «An idea which many transport companies also use. It doesn’t just save space, it also protects against costly accidents between manoeuvring buses and the charging technology», points out the manufacturer.

The charging station is compatible with all common charging technologies: 150 kW cable-bound charging, 300 kW rapid charging using a pantograph on the bus roof and 300 kW rapid charging using an inverted pantograph.

Mercedes charging station 2019 -2
Mercedes chargong station in Mannhaim 2019