The first of 13 Irizar ie trams arrived in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Basque Country, Spain. In the coming months the 12-m vehicle will carry out tests without passengers along the TUVISA Line 2 route, where it will go into service in mid-2021 within the BEI high-capacity public transport system. The new system will have a 10 km route with 23 new stops in each direction.

The batch includes seven 18 metre articulated buses and six 12 metre ones. The 12-metre Irizar ie tram is fitted with 3 doors and 22 passenger seats. The engine (180 kW) is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which were also developed and manufactured by Irizar e-mobility at their facilities in Aduna, Gipuzkoa.  The vehicles will be charged in-route in 4 minutes using interoperable ultra-fast charging stations. Irizar e-mobility collaborated with the construction firm Yarritu and LKS, who are doing engineering work, civil construction, signage and communications, on the project.

The pantographs will be used for ultra-fast charging of the vehicles at the stops while at night the buses will be slow charged at the depot. The entire charging infrastructure has also been developed and supplied by the Irizar Group.

“These tests”, points out the manufacturer, “will also include testing of the vehicle’s on-board software system for managing issues like driving efficiency and consumption by lines and kinds of vehicles, among other things. This special software designed for the BEI can issue warnings and alarms so the driver and control room staff can manage any potential incidents. The end goal is to achieve environmental benefits, economic savings, reduced vehicle maintenance and an increase in passenger comfort through improved driving of the units. “

Irizar ie tram in Vitoria-Gasteiz 2020