The French manufacturer of autonomous vehicles has announced the achievement of the ‘level 4’ of the Autonomous Shuttle Evo, the automatic shuttle in service since June 22 at the National Sport Shooting Center in Châteauroux, France. Level 4 corresponds to a real autonomy in which there is no safety operator on board the vehicle. Launched in collaboration with the Keolis carrier, the service allows athletes and visitors to move from the parking to the reception area. The 1.5 kilometer route is covered at a maximum speed of 18 km per hour.

The Autonomous Shuttle Evo is the result of six years of experimentation and nearly 200 Navya uses worldwide, as the manufacturer underlines. Among the improvements introduced to achieve the level 4 autonomy, there is the autonomization of functions to offboard the safety operator in a remote supervision center, reinforced and optimized sensor architecture to offer a wider vision and guarantee safety, revised user experience with visual and audible announcements and optimized access for people with reduced mobility, enhanced connectivity to remotely monitor vehicle status in real time and ensure secure predictive maintenance.

“The integration of this level 4 fully autonomous service operated by Keolis is an important step for Navya”, says the manufacturer. “We want to demonstrate that we are going to provide a truly autonomous transport service. This is the key to deliver on the promise of driverless and the business model associated. Indeed, even at controlled speed and in a controlled environment, there are countless commercial uses (industrial sites, campuses, tourist sites, etc.) that represent as many opportunities for our technology. In the coming months, we will focus on taking the steps that will enable us to commercialize these use cases.”

NAVYA Level 4 2020